Social Media Management

Communication in world’s hands

Social Media Management

… the management of online social networking….

Why must a company be a part of the social media?

…some curious data:


Internet users that use Social Media


Users between 18-29 y.o. that use them


Users within 30-49 y.o.


... and within 50-60

The Social Media in numbers

Facebook Users (millions)


Facebook is the largest social network worldwide, particularly in the occidental world

Twitter Users (millions)


140 characters… the art fo communicationg with short and relevant messages

YouTube Users (millions)


YouTube has become the #1 TV on demand

Google +






Community Management

Hootsuite Professional Certified - Pep Sesat

The Community Management is the management of social networks and communities that are generated around our product or brand.

Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn … There is currently a lot of social networks through which we can get to our customers, fans and followers.

The work of the Community Manager will endeavor to drive effective communication to social networks with their fans, considering queries generated in the network and working to strengthen the social image, and the channels for communicate and promote.

Pep Sesat offers you an strategic plan to enter social networks and make more money with management and web communication 2.0.

Relationships are between people


Social networks connect people. When we approach it as a business or organization we should not lose sight of that even when working with online media, the people who make our communities are human, with little interest in advertising and commercial pressure, so we must get them in a  way relevant to them.


People create relations through social networks. We often expect that this relation, if it has not almost done, finishes on the personal meeting with the people who interact with us. We must always take care and try online community as the client behind the counter, as it’s probably the same person.

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